frequently asked questions


General information

  • How does it work?
    • The Carpet Creator app enables you to select your custom section of a pre-made pattern design. After saving your carpet design you can download your preview pdf with all the product information and/or purchase your carpet directly. After your purchase, we at SKONNE will start the production of your unique carpet, printed in full color.

  • Why custom carpets?
    • It is needless to say that in particular, custom products offer complete freedom in the way you could compose your interior. These products match one’s identity the best. The carpets that arise from the Carpet Creator are part of an infinite collection, yet each carpet is unique and a reflection of one’s particular taste.


about the carpet creator app

  • How unique is my design?
    • Due to the refined zoom and swipe functions of the Carpet Creator you can make your selection of the pre-made pattern design precisely. The size of your carpet and its shape, your choice for the pattern design and its color, the zoomfactor you are using and the coordinates that you’ve chosen by swiping, all together determine the end result as a carpet. The possibilities are endless.

  • What sizes do the carpets have?
    • You can opt for a rectangular/square carpet, a round/oval carpet or a hexagonal carpet. The minimum size is 150x150cm and the maximum size is either 400x800cm or 800x400cm. So, enter the dimensions of the carpet you want. Plenty of choice!

  • What is overlocking or blind hem?
    • The edges of your carpet can be finished in two different ways. Opt for an overlocking finish when you want a yarn stitched finishing or choose a blind hem finish if you want your carpet to be finished with a thin textile strap. Both options are very refined. The color of the finishing will be chosen by us and we make sure that the color of the finishing will be adjusted to the colors of your carpet.

  • Why do colors differ on the one screen compared to the other?
    • For the best possible color reference, use Google Chrome as your internet browser. Note that images and colors displayed on your screen via the internet merely serve as a color indication and can deviate from reality. This may be due to the display in an internet browser, and/or the settings of your screen.

  • How can I edit my design?
    • To make sure you have made the right choices, you can preview and save your carpet before ordering. In case you are not satisfied yet, or if you want to make changes at a later stage, you can edit your carpet in the Carpet Creator before purchase by clicking on the edit-button in the carpets page of your account.

  • Why does my design change when I edit it on a different screen?
    • Each screen displays the Carpet Creator in different proportions to make sure that you can use the app on small screens (like tablets) and extra large screens. Therefore, the pattern designs in the app are displayed in different proportions as well, depending on the size of the screen you are using. If you want to edit a carpet design from the saved carpets in your account page, you should open it on the same device (or screen size) you first created it on.

  • I'm not sure about my carpet design, can I receive a sample?
    • We can imagine that you need to see and feel a product before you purchase it. We can provide you with a small carpet sample of the pattern design you have chosen, free of charge. This sample contains mainly the background color of the pattern design.
      You can also order a bigger carpet sample that will be made based on the exact selection you have made in the Carpet Creator and the sample-size you need. The sum of the costs for this sample depend on the size of the sample and the delivery address.
      In both cases, please send the preview pdf-file of your carpet design to and provide us all the information concerning your wishes for a sample.

about your account

  • What does an account do?
    • You can visit the Carpet Creator without registering an account. In case you would like to save your carpet design and/or see its price and if you want to order a carpet, it is necessary to make an account on our website. In the account you can save all your carpet designs, edit them at any time, and download a preview-pdf file with all your product information. Furthermore, your orders are saved and you can re-order previous orders.

      In case you need to know more about our privacy policy, you can find this information at the bottom of our site.

  • What happens when I save my carpet design?
    • When you save your carpet design, your design will be available for editing or purchase directly from your account page.

  • What is the difference between saving and saving as new?
    • When you edit a carpet design that is already saved on your account page, you can choose to replace the saved design by clicking on ‘save’ after editing or you can choose to save the edited design as a new carpet by clicking ‘save as new’.

  • How can I preview and share my carpet design?
    • In the Carpet Creator you can preview your selection by clicking the preview button. In the window that opens you can also take a closer look on your selection.
      In the carpets page of your account you can find all the carpet designs saved by you. By clicking the pdf-file icon the download of your preview pdf starts. This file provides you with a preview image of your custom carpet, the information concerning your custom design, and all the specifications of our carpets. By downloading this preview pdf-file you can easily share information.

      Note that images and colors displayed on your screen via the internet merely serve as a color indication and can deviate from reality. This may be due to the display in an internet browser, and/or the settings of your screen. When printing your preview pdf, the colors can deviate from reality as well.

  • I forgot my password, how do I enter my account?
    • Lost your password? Just enter your username or email address in the login. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

about your orders

  • Where can I find the price of my carpet?
    • After clicking the preview button you can save the preview of your carpet. When you save this preview, the price of your carpet will be calculated and shown in your account page, at the carpets page.


  • Does SKONNE ship to my country?
    • Currently we ship to the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.


  • And what about shipping costs?
    • For any carpet you will be charged transportation costs. The sum of these costs depend on the size of the carpet and the delivery address. The amount due shall be mentioned on the checkout page upon checkout.

  • When do I receive my carpet?
    • After having received payment, your custom order shall be manufactured and delivered. The expected delivery period of your custom carpet is 6-8 weeks and  is mentioned in the order details. You will receive an email to inform you about the forthcoming delivery of your carpet.

about the carpets

  • How is my carpet made?
    • Each carpet design that is created in the Carpet Creator, is printed in full color on a polyamide, cut pile carpet. During the printing process, the colours are absorbed deeply into the fibres. After this, the carpet receives a backing.The edges of the carpet can be finished in two different ways: blind hem and overlocking.
      For the printing of the carpets we use process color technology. This technology has important sustainability advantages over spot colour printing, in which each colour has to be premixed; it creates less dye waste, fewer cleaning cycles and less energy consumption.

  • How should I take care of my carpet?
    • The most important part of good carpet care is regular vacuuming. By vacuuming you remove the pigment contamination from the surface and the spaces between the textile fibers. For the best result, use a brush-equipped vacuum cleaner with soft brushes.

      Then, about spots. The sooner a spot is treated, the greater the chance you can remove it. If spots are treated straightaway with the adequate agent, complete removal of the spot is usually no problem. This does not apply to spot removers that have bleaching or coloring effects since they cause discoloration or complete loss of color. Spots can be removed in most cases with lukewarm water and an absorbent towel (white cotton). Use the towel to press down on the spot and turn outward from the inside. Do not rub. Please make sure that the spot remover is safe to use by testing in on a place that is not visible or hidden (if possible). Basic and/or intensive cleaning should only be performed by a business specializing in carpet cleaning.

  • How durable and safe is my carpet?
    • Our carpets are tested for wear resistance and meet or exceed the standards for normal domestic use (suited for heavy contract use).
      Even though our carpets have very good light fastness, over time the colors will vary or may fade particularly under the influence of UV radiation. 100% color resistance does not exist and is not guaranteed.
      Our carpets are tested for fire safety and meet the legal standards for domestic use.

      Here you can find more info about the specifications of our carpets.