During Passagen, SKONNE is part of the exposition Homo Ludens in Werft5: Bayenstraße 28, Cologne, Germany. Passagen takes place simultaneously with IMM in Cologne: Januari 15-21. In the imperfect world and confused life, the game brings a temporary limited perfection. The game is the return to the infantile self and makes us a child again in everyday life. Although the game is associated with naivety and carelessness, it still requires unconditional order. At different levels, the game is set in a framework that is manifested by a temporal and spatial limitation. Man discovers his individual qualities in the game and, trough the experiences made in the process, becomes the personality he has created. As part of the exhibition „Homo Ludens“, the PASSAGEN program invited young talents to present their personal vision of a playful approach to products as part of IMM Cologne, the international furniture fair. The focus is on a humorous and interactive exhibition architecture framing the curatorial concept „Homo Ludens“ in a multi–sensory exhibition.

In the central south of Cologne the WERFT5 is located close to the river. Today the former grain warehouse is used as exhibition and atelier space. The pillard hall offers a light–filled atmosphere and a wonderful panorama of the harbour. Known trough exhibitions and a wide ranging program of events its an integral part of the cultural sector in Cologne.