Terms & Conditions



Terms and conditions for the carpets of SKONNE by SKONNE BV


“SKONNE” is a trade and brand name of  SKONNE BV established in Eindhoven , the Netherlands.


SKONNE offers, through its website, custom made carpets. The Carpet Creator App enables you to choose the shape, dimensions, finishing and your custom section of a pre-made pattern design. As a result you can order a one-of-a-kind carpet, printed in full color, through our website.
All orders are accepted under these present Terms and Conditions that are applicable between you and SKONNE BV.


The Carpet Creator App enables you to find the most interesting section of a pattern design by zooming and swiping. Note that the smallest details may get lost when you have zoomed out to a certain level.
The minimum size of a carpet is 150x150cm and the maximum size is either 400x800cm or 800x400cm. The specified size of a carpet may vary slightly by a few centimetres .
For the best possible color reference, use Google Chrome as your internet browser. However, you should note that images and colors displayed on your screen via the internet merely serve as a color indication and can deviate from reality. This may be due to a slight distortion of images or colors by photography and/or the display in an internet browser, and/or the settings of your screen. To avoid disappointment, it is possible to order a sample of your carpet, more on this can be found on the website (FAQ).
To make sure you have made the right choices, you can preview your carpet before ordering. When you save this preview, the price of your carpet will be calculated. In case you are not satisfied yet, or if you want to make changes at a later stage, you can edit your carpet in the Carpet Creator before purchase. After purchase it is not possible to make adjustments.
Your custom design will be printed in full color on a tufted, cut pile, polyamide carpet.  Pile reversal or shading might appear without affecting the overall quality and the durability of the carpet. Pile reversal or shading is inherent to a cut pile carpet and will not be considered as a manufacturing defect.
The edges of your carpet can be finished in two different ways:  you can choose for overlocking or a blind hem finish. Both options are very refined. The color of the finishing will be chosen by us and we make sure that the color of the finishing will be adjusted to the colors of your carpet.
Color resistance
Even though our carpets have very good light fastness, over time the colors will vary or may fade particularly under the influence of UV radiation. Whether or not this happens and how fast, is strongly dependent on the exposure to UV and intensity of use of the carpet. 100% color resistance does not exist and is not guaranteed.
Wear resistance
Our carpets are tested for wear resistance and meet or exceed the standards for normal domestic use (suited for heavy contract use).
Fire safety
Our carpets are tested for fire safety and meet the legal standards for domestic use.

Any of the aforementioned slight deviations in size, color and/or shading, do not constitute sufficient grounds for  cancellation of the order or the return of the goods: SKONNE accepts no liability for such deviations.
The carpet specifications can be found on our website and in the preview PDF file of your carpet which you can download on your account page.


The price of your carpet is based on the amount of square meters it consists of. In our calculation, the shape of the carpets does not affect the number of square meters. Therefore we calculate the same amount of square meters for a rectangle of 200x300cm as for a circular shape of 200x300cm.
The price is inclusive of Dutch VAT and other fixed costs but exclusive of local or regional sales or other taxes. Not included in the price indicated are variable costs like, amongst others, costs for transportation or other levies. SKONNE is entitled to increase the price indicated in the event that before delivery sales taxes or other government levies are changed or imposed.
We prefer payment from your bank to ours or by using specific payment facilities as in use on our website like Paypal or Ideal a.o. , since payment by credit cards involves higher costs. We can only ask you to respect this.


Shipping costs
For any carpet you will be charged transportation costs. The sum of these costs depends on the size of the carpet and the delivery address. The amount due shall be mentioned on the checkout page upon checkout.
Delivery period
After having received payment, your custom order shall be manufactured and delivered. The expected delivery period of your custom carpet is 6-8 weeks. The expected delivery period of the carpet is mentioned in the order details.  An expected delivery period is always indicative. In case the period cannot be met, you are not entitled to any damages. In the event manufacturing of your carpet takes longer than estimated, you shall be informed by email. In case the delay of the delivery exceeds 2 months or more, you may cancel the order without any cost.
We guarantee that the goods are properly delivered at the address indicated and you will receive an email to inform you about the forthcoming delivery of your carpet. However, you must take care that someone is present on your behalf upon delivery of the carpet at the delivery address. If there is nobody present at the delivery address, your ordered carpet(s) will be delivered at a later stage. The costs that result from this, will be borne by you. Unless otherwise  agreed in writing, delivery of a carpet is made  to the front door of the address indicated, or, if that is the case, to the ground floor door of an apartment or office building.
You must check that upon delivery the packaging is in good condition. If not, do immediately check whether the carpet is undamaged. If the carpet is damaged, do NOT accept the delivery and have the delivery company take back the product. In case of damaged packaging and/or carpet, do take photographs of the damage as extra proof.  Do inform SKONNE immediately by email and provide us with all relevant information including the photographs.


Right to repeal / to return
Using the Carpet Creator App, each carpet is custom made in accordance with your specifications and choices. For that reason we cannot accept returns; the right to repeal is not applicable for custom carpets. Please note that the color of the edging will be chosen by us and is not subject for repeal. We take care of the match with the colors of the carpet.
If a carpet has visible defects other than the slight deviations mentioned above, you must immediately inform SKONNE by email and detail the defect(s) as extensively as possible. In order to form our opinion, we must receive at least one  photograph showing as clearly as possible the defect(s). If we are unable to solve the problem(s) and no other agreement is made between you and SKONNE, you may, after having received our prior authorization, return the carpet free of charge. In this case what is mentioned here below under “Warranty” applies. A carpet returned by you without our prior approval, will not be accepted.


Regular cleaning
The most important part of good carpet care is regular vacuuming. By vacuuming you remove the pigment contamination from the surface and the spaces between the textile fibers. For the best result, use a brush-equipped vacuum cleaner with soft brushes.
Spot cleaning
The sooner a spot is treated, the greater the chance you can remove it. If spots are treated straightaway with the adequate agent, complete removal of the spot is usually no problem. This does not apply to spot removers that have bleaching or coloring effects since they cause discoloration or complete loss of color. Spots can be removed in most cases with lukewarm water and an absorbent towel (white cotton). Use the towel to press down on the spot and turn outward from the inside. Do not rub. Please make sure that the spot remover is safe to use by testing in on a place that is not visible or hidden (if possible). SKONNE accepts no liability for improper handling.
Intensive cleaning
Basic and/or intensive cleaning should only be performed by a business specializing in carpet cleaning. Damages to the carpet and/or dissatisfying cleaning results due to improper cleaning and/or spot removal methods and procedures will not be recognized as legitimate grounds for a complaint and are not deemed as defects in the carpet in warranty terms. Failure to follow the use and maintenance instructions may affect your warranty.


Our carpets are manufactured with the utmost concern and using good and durable materials.  During normal domestic use and proper maintenance SKONNE warrants the carpet five years from the date of delivery on manufacturing defects. The warranty means that whenever during the mentioned term, the carpet shows manufacturing defects you are entitled to EITHER a new carpet with or without any extra supplement payment, OR reimbursement of (a part of) the purchase price. A proper appeal to warranty gives right to the following:

Supplement when replacing your defective carpet
None                                              during the first 2 years
20%                                                      during the 3rd year
40%                                                      during the 4th year
60%                                                      during the 5th year
Repayment purchase price
100%                                              during the first 2 years
80%                                                      during the 3rd year
60%                                                      during the 4th year
40%                                                      during the 5th year

The aforementioned percentage is calculated on the purchase price paid for the defective carpet i.e. at the time of purchase.


The agreement, concluded by your order, between you and SKONNE BV is governed by the law of the Netherlands. The competent Dutch court has sole jurisdiction. If a dispute is not resolved by mutual agreement, either you or SKONNE BV has the right to submit the dispute to the competent court in the Netherlands.


Version: October 2017